mandala-hdsThe Human Design System is the science of differentiation. It gives you access to how you are genetically designed to engage with the world, and how your unique inner guidance system operates. It synthesizes aspects of two types of science: The ancient observational systems of Astrology, the Chinese I’Ching, the Hindu-Brahmin Chakras and the Tree of Life from the Zohar/Kabbalist tradition; and the contemporary disciplines of Quantum Mechanics, Astronomy, Genetics and Biochemistry. As a logical, empirical and practical system, Human Design does not ask you to believe anything. It merely offers you the opportunity to explore and experiment, through Strategy and Inner Authority, with the mechanics of your nature, and your evolving consciousness, in order to find out for yourself exactly what works for you.


In a practical way explains:

  • Why you feel the way you do
  • Why you need to do things a certain way
  • Why you feel resistance from others, or from the world in general
  • How to make decisions that really work for you
  • How to understand why the ones you love behave the way they do
  • How you can support your children and loved ones to be their best selves
  • How you can support yourself in being your best self
  • How to live your life in a way that feels easy, fulfilling, and more successful
  • How to relate to people in a way that feels more rewarding
  • What your purpose is in this life


Readings, classes and workshops by Prem Sanatha and Catarina Brazão.


Prem Sanatha is a teacher and professional analyst of the Human Design System, a student and professional guide at Jovian Archive Corporation, International Human Design School and Human Design Hispania, Reiki and Holistic Healing Master, Naturopath Doctor and has a degree in Philology. Her experience both in education and the healing arts, is great and diverse.


Catarina Brazão is a somatic educator who uses her background in social work and psychiatry, bodywork, massage and her study and passion about shamanism and the Human Design system to accompany people on their path towards connecting themselves with their authenticity and self-love. She is particularly interested in the potential of weaving together different approaches and fields of knowledge to help people develop their potential as unique individuals.


Readings and consultancy sessions:

* 18th February till 2nd March
An individual Human Design Reading gives you the tools to show you how to consistently make the right decisions and choices in your life. It is the decisions that come from deep within (through our body consciousness) that either put us back on or keep us on the correct path of our life, empowering us to live life authentically and from our personal truth.

A composite Human Design Reading reveals the relationship dynamics, whether we are talking about relationships with lovers, family members, business partners or any other kind of relationship. It provides you the tools to see and accept their true unique and individual natures and, as a result, enhance the respect and communication between you and them.


The workshops and classes we offer are aimed to further dive into the experiment of being and loving yourself and/or deepening your understanding of the Human Design System.


Introduction to Human Design System:

* 18th February * 7-9pm * Osho Mauz Berlin, Hasenheide 9  (2. Quergebäude, 2. Stock) 10967 Berlin

* 20th February * tutgut Zentrum, Stubbenkammerstr. 3, 10437 Berlin


The Introduction to Human Design System class gives you a taste of what is Human Design and what it means to embark upon your experiment of following your own Strategy and Inner Authority to guide you in decision-making for the rest of your life.


“Living Your Design” Experimental Workshop:

* 22nd and 23rd February * 10am-5pm * Osho Mauz Berlin, Hasenheide 9  (2. Quergebäude, 2. Stock) 10967 Berlin


In the “Living Your Design” Experimental Workshop we will go over your designs, explore the various aspects of them, and talk about what it is like to live life with a design like yours. It may help you make sense of the world, the dynamics of being in relationship with other Types and it will continue to foster support for you to live your design through this heightened awareness.


“The Cup of Tee Meeting” about Human Design System:

* 21st February * 8pm * Cell 63 Artgallery, Allerstr. 38, 12049 Berlin


“The Cup of Tee Meeting” is an informal meeting to exchange ideas and opinions about the Human Design System and share with others our experience and experimentation with the tools it provides.


Class about the “Demystification of the Ego”:

* 25th February * 7-9pm * Osho Mauz Berlin, Hasenheide 9  (2. Quergebäude, 2. Stock) 10967 Berlin


Class about the “Demystification of the Ego”. We will explore the different functions of the Ego Centre, also called Heart Centre in the Human Design System. And demystify the beliefs and homogeneity in order to simply live it as what it is.



Introduction = 60€
Individual or Composite Reading = 175€ each
LYD Workshop = 250€
Ego or Sexuality Class = 60€ each


Introduction + Reading = 200€
Introduction + Reading + LYD workshop = 425€
Introduction + Reading + LYD workshop + Ego or Sexuality class = 475€
Introduction + Reading + LYD workshop + Ego class + Sexuality class = 500€
Introduction + Reading + Ego class + Sexuality class = 275€

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