Whilst I was going reading through some texts material from my bachelor’s degree in social work, I came to across an interesting concept called powerlessness. It states that many people perceive themselves to be powerless in the face of different systems and institutions, the environments in which we engage on a daily basis, whilst accessing education or participating in religion and on a more immediate level, inside the family structure or peer group.

Once we experience powerlessness in relation to our environment, that experience is internalized and we see ourselves as helpless. Thus, perceived powerlessness creates a subsequently self-blaming and debilitation dynamic, a sense of generalized distrust and a feeling of alienation in us, among other things. Low self- esteem, for example, so often viewed as a primary problem in a lot of people may be a result of this interactional dynamic around powerlessness, not the cause of it.

What has been described till now is the conditioning and limiting process that a lot of us go through as we grow up and lose touch with our authentic-self. Actually the difference between the power of us as individuals and the power of the environmental systems is so great that we often cannot perceive ourselves as competent persons to take action on our own behalf. The only way to reclaim ourselves back is to know and love the uniqueness of our individuality. If everybody understands that they have the strength and flexibility to take charge of their lives and grow to their full potential without the fear of rejection from those structures, they will feel empowered and satisfied and societies will thrive.

My experience of working and observing people in different contexts has have shown me indeed that a reflection of a healthy self-esteem is a consequence of being an empowered person, and that the harmony of a society or community is highly dependent on it. In other words, depends on the capacity of each person to know her own singular response, expression and direction in life and to understand how valuable she is to the world.

But how can a person practically go from perceiving herself as being powerlessness to being empowered and aware of her self-worth? I do believe that one of the most effective paths available is through holistic education and by always keeping the focus in the body. With holistic education I mean a process of learning and healing that takes into consideration all the realms that compose and affect an individual: physical, emotional, social, environmental, spiritual and intellectual. Furthermore it’s an approach that meets everyone on its own ground and terms. And aims to empower people to be whole, with everything they have and are.

Why keeping the focus in the body? Because I believe in the bodies wisdom to direct, complete and sustain the unfolding of the whole person. Once we start to listen to our body, we go into deeper and deeper layers of knowing, exploring and loving ourselves. There is no need to change, only the willingness to fully feel oneself and to become more and more who one truly is.