Although I have many methods and techniques of my disposal, I tailor my approach to meet the needs of any given individual. So I actually have no system to propound, no set of rules, nothing to be bound by. My interest resides on you returning to your own spirit, reclaiming your own body and opening up your own heart. In other words, on you being you.

The work I offer does not replace medical treatment and does not make any diagnosis but can often be done additionally to support and enhance healing processes. I am available to work in close partnership with your doctor, therapist or practitioner.

My promise to you is to be prepared and ready to give you my complete attention during our time together. Our session times are clearly defined and I work to ensure we are complete when our time is finished. Trust and mutual respect are essential parts of the work we do together since powerful emotions and feelings can come up during the session.

Confidentiality is always respected. I may discuss specific things that come up during our time together with others doing similar work if I would like help from my peers. These discussions are always in general terms to not disclose any personal or other identifying information about you.

I invite you to openly discuss any issues, matters or concerns that may arise during our working together. If you have any questions regarding your session please let me know – I am happy to explain any aspect of your session.

Any work that we do is with your express consent. I may make requests of you and you are always free to say yes, no or make a counteroffer to any of my requests. You may ask for whatever you want. I will not judge you or your request. I may say yes, no or counteroffer any request you make of me.

I believe that you are creative, resourceful and don’t need to be fixed. The focus of my work is to help you stay true to who you really are and find what you want in your life.

I do not work with people under the influence of alcohol or drugs.

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