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Body- oriented work is a way to work with body-mind-spirit as a unity, dealing with emotions, body and thoughts at the same time, not with one of them as a means to influence the others. We are already a single unity, one body-mind-spirit, which just needs to be recognized and accepted, not reunited.

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I heard of Catarina as “the magic healer woman”, and she lived up to it. Since I went to her myself, I’ve also told people to go and see Catarina, with the same level of enthusiasm, and also struggling a bit somehow to say what it is that is so magical about her work. She is deeply unshakeably calm, being around her is like bathing in calm, and her calm transfers itself to the people she works with. She is convinced you can be ‘fixed’ and so you feel like that too. I feel like if it were possible for her to work with everyone in the world, that would be a good thing, but unfortunately time is limited and she’s only one person. We had seven sessions together, they were all intense and amazing, and we got to the heart of what I was dealing with so fast. One of the things it made me think of is how sometimes just talking is inadequate, and now as I’m writing this I feel that again. Maybe it’s enough to say that I think Catarina is wonderful and if I lived in Berlin I would still be seeing her.
Hannah B., London
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I had one session with Catarina last year, while I was traveling through Berlin, and it had a profound effect on me. When thinking about my session the words that come to mind are trust, reconnection, and awareness. Catarina’s work was profoundly healing. She helped me to reconnect to my body, my femininity and to trust in the processes of my own body to guide me and open up my heart. She helped me to discover and celebrate my vagina. A lesson I haven’t forgotten! She is an exceptional healer, a kind presence, and a wise woman. Thank you, Catarina.
Romy, Australia
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It is not easy to describe what kind of experience a session with Catarina can be. Every session is different and brings something new; the common feature is that every time she manages to establish a deep connection with me, and it is from this connection that the session develops. She places her awareness at my service, without ever forcing me into anything that I am not willing or ready to confront, and lets me use it as a guide to explore, understand or even heal myself I had the impression that I was always drawing the boundaries.
After a session with Catarina, I feel I have been helped by her, and at the same time I feel I have gained some sort of knowledge that is now at my disposal. Her wise and cheerful guidance has made me more joyful and peaceful and at the same time more determined.
Thank you Catarina, with all of my heart.
Matteo, Berlin
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Catarina te queria comentar que sigo notando cambios en mi mente y en mi personalidad desde que hice la terapia contigo. Sigo acordadndome de cosas de mi infancia y analizandolas mas conscientemente. Tambien en mi trato con las personas estoy viendo cada vez mas claro las cosas que me molestan y buscando la forma de comunicar productivamente. En general me siento furte y activa. Mi vida esta comenzando a tomar un rumbo y puedo divizar que dentro de poco voy a poder salir de mi carcel del todo y comenzar a vivir plenamente. Perder los últimos miedos… Por todas estas cosas te quiero agradecer mucho la ayuda que me diste. Saludos!
Sophia N., Argentina
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Catarina é pura luz. Ensinou-me como o meu corpo é a chave de entrada na minha alma e ela certamente tocou na minha. Ensinou-me a sentir, a ver e a escutar em silêncio. Senti os mais bonitos, duros, mas inesquecíveis momentos com ela. Conhecê-la marcou uma transição profunda na minha vida, mudando em apenas seis meses o que em anos de terapia não consegui perceber. Obrigada Catarina, pelas tuas mãos, palavras e carinho.
Ana C., Portugal
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El trabajo hecho con ella ha dado muy buenos resultados. Nuestras sesiones son sesiones individuales en un clima íntimo y profesional, dónde Catarina combina diferentes métodos. Normalmente hay una parte a nivel consciente donde hablamos y otra de trabajo con el cuerpo.
Con ella he aprendido a darme cuenta de lo mucho que nos habla el cuerpo, a aprender a escucharlo y a descifrar su mensaje y poco a poco a conectarlo con el propio ser.
A través de su propia intuición y experiencia personal y profesional, Catarina trabaja de la forma que más se adecua a cada persona para poder conectarla con su propia verdad.
Recomendaría este trabajo a toda persona que esté en un proceso de transformación interior y apertura y necesite una guía o soporte para acompañarlo en este camino.
Laura L., Barcelona
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Ich habe mich selten so tiefenentspannt gefühlt wie nach der Sitzung. Mein Bewusstsein für meinen Körper hat sich verbessert- ich habe im Gegensatz zu vielen anderen Methoden das Gefühl, dass sich grundlegend und nachhaltig etwas verändert.
Christiane M., Berlin
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