Catarina-BrazaoIt’s a great challenge for me to tell you who I am, because it depends on the people I am interacting with or the place I am in. I can surely affirm that I’m flexible and do not have a fixed identity. The proverb “When in Rome, do as the Romans do” really applies to my life experience, branching out in several fundamental directions. I can just say it has been an interesting journey so far as my forms of expression keep changing and evolving.

Nevertheless, a sort of identity is emerging. I’ve been observing myself over the last few years in a more conscious way and recognizing some consistent and reliable characteristics in myself.

I am someone who wants to experience deepness, to be intimate and to play with others. When I say “yes” to someone or something, I will commit all my energy to that person or thing in that moment.

I can be very abstract, emotional and passionate but also very clear and neutral in the way I behave and communicate. I know that I can trust in my instinctual hunches to guide me.

The scope of my learning goes from formal to informal, from life experience to different forms of bodywork and Human Design system. What really motivates me is the ability to live as a body-mind-spirit unit, and this is the link between all of my interests.



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